Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bird's Nest - Herzog & de Meuron in China

video topic: Sports Complex
video type: documentary
video no: 01

architect featured: Herzog & de Meuron, Pierre De Meuron, Jacques Herzog
video title: Bird's Nest - Herzog & de Meuron in China
Starring: Pierre De Meuron, Jacques Herzog
Supporting actors: Uli Sigg, Ai Weiwei
Directed by: Christoph Schaub, Michael Schindhelm
Studio: Icarus Films
run time: 1 hour 29 minutes
file size:



Superstar architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron must negotiate between two cultures, two architectural traditions, and two political systems to build the new National Stadium for the Olympics in Beijing. Bird’s Nest, available exclusively via Amazon Unbox.

rapidshare link (7 parts)
rar files, download all the parts, then extract
password to extract: gfxgfx

link : part 1
link : part 2
link : part 3
link : part 4
link : part 5
link : part 6
link : part 7


Anonymous said...

does anybody have english subtitles for this documentary?



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