Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Museum: Behind the Scenes at the British Museum

video topic: architect's work
video type: documentary
video no: 04

architect featured: Norman Foster
video title: The Museum: Behind the Scenes at the British Museum (Ep 04)
video series: 
Directed by: Rupert Smith
Studio: BBC
run time: 29 minutes
file size: 250 mb


description and preview:

The British Museum is home to a remarkable collection of treasures from around the world, including its famous Egyptian mummies, the Elgin Marbles, the Rosetta Stone and the Sutton Hoo helmet. Looking after them are some 800 staff who maintain the galleries,

plan major exhibitions, restore precious objects and manage a flow of 4.5 million visitors each year. Rupert Smith has been granted special access to the huge variety of people who work in the Museum - from its expert curators and the conservators who preserve the collection for future generations, to heavy-object handlers and the people who clean the fabulous new glass roof of its Great Court. Accompanying a major ten-part BBC television series, "The Museum" takes us behind the scenes for the first time to see how this amazing place works. Illustrated with over 120 colour photographs, and with a foreword by the Museum's director, Neil MacGregor, this fascinating book is a celebration of the British Museum and the many dedicated people who work there. An unprecedented look behind the scenes of the British Museum


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