Thursday, January 7, 2010

Albert Speer: Size Matters, part of "Vision of Space" series by BBC presented by Robert Hughes

video topic: architect's work
video type: documentary
video no: 12

architect featured: Albert Speer
video title: Albert Speer: Size Matters
video series: part of "Vision of Space" series by BBC
Presenter: Robert Hughes
Directed by: Robert Hughes
Studio: BBC
run time: 59 minutes
file size: 600 mb


description and preview:
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In Visions of Space, Robert Hughes tackles the work and lives of three remarkable 20th-century architects: Antonio Gaudi, Albert Speer and Mies van der Rohe - whose work did so much to shape the modern world. Hughes looks at how each one used space in different ways to express our response, respectively, to the power of religion (Gaudi), the power of the State (Speer), and the power of the corporation (Mies van der Rohe).

Albert Speer: Size Matters

In 1979 Robert Hughes met and interviewed Hitler's architect, Albert Speer, for his landmark series, Shock of the New. Speer died shortly afterwards.

Twenty-three years later Hughes discovered the long lost tape of that unique conversation and was inspired to travel back to Germany to examine the legacy of a man who was, for a brief period, the most powerful architect in the world.


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