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Grand Designs series: The Eco-house, Suffolk by Channel 4

video topic: architecture, eco and human connection
entry type: documentary
entry no: 22

video title: Grand Designs: The Eco-house, Suffolk
video series: Grand Design
architect featured: Neil Winder
presenter: Kevin McCloud
producer: Talkback Thames
series host: Channel 4
run time: 50 min
size: 520 mb

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description and preview:
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Rob and Alida not only wanted to build their new house from scratch, they wanted to change the way they live: to be true, in their day-to-day lives, to their commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

They found an ideal green-field plot in October 1997, in the heart of Suffolk, and received planning permission after three months' tense wait. Rob and Alida paid £45,000 for their half-acre plot and spent about £99,000 on the build.

Rob hired an architect who had built his own eco house. To minimise the use of concrete, the manufacture of which is very polluting, the architect came up with a design involving a timber frame made of special beams. These beams, imported from Sweden, rest on a ring-beam of hard reclaimed wood which, in turn, is supported by concrete pillars.

The roof incorporates solar panels and its pitch is such that there is minimum penetration of the sun in the summer and maximum penetration in the winter. Because of this, and because the house is very well insulated, heating can be provided solely by wood-burning stoves. The outside of the house is clad in larch and Douglas fir weatherboarding.

Rainwater is collected for the washing machine and a tap in the utility room, and 'grey water' is recycled by means of a natural cleaning plant involving stones, bacteria and reeds.

A Clash of Opinion

Kevin McCloud liked the use of sustainable materials but wasn't so sure about the visual impact. 'It's a very tall building compared to the others around it,' he said, 'and what with the startling blue paint, I think it sticks out rather uncomfortably.'

Not surprisingly, the couple didn't agree. 'It's different; it's unusual; it's just beautiful,' said Alida. 'It's going to be a very lovely environment to live in. It will also be a very healthy environment to live in. I think I just feel more at peace knowing that there are no harmful emissions from my home.'


Grand Designs returned to the house in October 2000 to see how the final stages had gone and if the couple had managed to live up to the ecologically sound design of their home.

The major new addition was an all-weather veranda. This involved some compromise: the roof, for the time being at least, is made of polycarbonate sheets rather than solar panels, and there are plastic light fittings. Inside, non-eco paint was used on the stairway. 'I don't think I've changed philosophically, but I have become more pragmatic,' says Rob.

The water recycling plant is working well, but the idea of using composting toilets was abandoned. According to Rob, 'Alida in particular couldn't really stomach the idea of that as a domestic facility.'

So how are the couple enjoying living in the building? 'It's a lovely, comfortable home to live in,' says Alida. 'It's just easy. Life's easy. I love it. I still hanker after the old Suffolk farmhouses, but this is a lot easier.'

'We're spending sweet Fanny Adams on heating,' adds Rob. Water and electricity charges are also incredibly low.

And what about the project itself? All the hard work? 'It was very difficult, but that's over now. I don't even like thinking about it any more,' says Alida.

Rob agrees it wasn't easy, but feels the experience was positive overall: 'We pushed our own envelope a bit, and we came back from it. And we're better people for it.'

This low-energy build has a utilitarian feel, but every thought has been put into ensuring a minimal impact on the environment. Take a tour and find out more about easy ways to save energy around the home.


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Here are the suppliers for the Suffolk Eco House

Neil Winder
01379 641592

Project Management And Construction
The Suffolk Ecological Building Co-operative Ltd
01986 781772

John Allen Associates
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General Building Supplies
J Cliff Building Supplies
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Solar Energy Technologies
Energy Development Co-operative Limited
Tel: 0870 745 1119

Masonite Framework (Distribution)
Fillcrete Ltd
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Foundation Concrete
Lafarge Redland Aggregates Ltd
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Warmcell Insulation
Excel Industries
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Passivent Ventilation
Willan Building Services
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Nordal Aluminium Rainwater Goods
Dales Fabrications
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'Aquatron' Water/Solids Black Water Separator
Elemental Solutions
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Biotec Minitec P004 IPS Foul Water Treatment Plant
Titan Pollution Control West Portway
SP10 3LF
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'Ceramicplus' Low-Flush Toilets, Sinks And Shower Tray
Villeroy Boch Bathrooms
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Clay Roofing Materials
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Exterior Paints And Finishes
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Tel: 01746 714543

Damp-Proofing Material
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Larch And Douglas Fir Weatherboarding
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Furniture And Home Accessories
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Furniture And Home Accessories
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Interior Paints And Finishes
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Ashdon Saffron
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Furniture And Home Accessories
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Furniture And Home Accessories
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