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Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides working with time by Docurama

video topic: art
entry type: Documentary
entry no: 39

video title: Andy Goldsworthy: Rivers and Tides working with time
artist featured: Andy Goldsworthy
producer: Mediapolis Films (Docurama)
director: Thomas Riedelsheimer
run time: 90 mins
size: 676 mb
release date: 8/31/2004

official website:

description and preview:

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In the timeless tradition of “Winged Migration” and “Koyaanisqatsi,” the theatrical phenomenon RIVERS AND TIDES depicts the magical relationship between art and nature while painting a visually intoxicating portrait of famed artist Andy Goldsworthy. Gorgeously shot and masterfully edited, the film follows the bohemian free spirit Goldsworthy all over the world as he demonstrates and opens up about his unique creative process. From his long-winding rock walls and icicle sculptures to his interlocking leaf chains and multicolored pools of flowers, Goldsworthy’s painstakingly intricate masterpieces are made entirely of materials found in Mother Nature – who threatens and often succeeds in destroying his art, sometimes before it is even finished.

With over ten four-star reviews from the nation’s top critics, RIVERS AND TIDES serenely captures Goldsworthy in the midst of constructing his trademark ephemera on-camera creating a mesmerizing cinematic experience that helps us to appreciate nature in new and enchanting ways.
DVD Features

Seven Never-Before-Seen Short Films; Photo Gallery; Andy Goldsworthy Biography; Filmmaker Biography; Interactive Menus; Scene Selection

"Ravishing from start to finish... a work of art in its own right."
- Christian Science Monitor

©2004 Mediapolis Films. Art and Design ©2004 New Video Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Marketed and distributed in the U.S. by New Video.

Landscape sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is renowned throughout the world for his work in ice, stone, leaves, wood. His own remarkable still photographs are Goldsworthy's way of talking about his often ephemeral works, of fixing them in time.. Now with this deeply moving film, shot in four countries and across four seasons, and the first major film he has allowed to be made, the elusive element of time adheres to his sculpture.

Director Thomas Riedelsheimer worked with Andy Goldsworthy for over a year to shoot this film. What Riedelsheimer found was a profound sense of breathless discovery and uncertainty in Goldsworthy's work, in contrast to the stability of conventional sculpture. There is risk in everything that Goldsworthy does. He takes his fragile work - and it can be as fragile in stone as in ice or twigs - right to the edge of its collapse, a very beautiful balance and a very dramatic edge within the film. The film captures the essential unpredictability of working with rivers and with tides, feels into a sense of liquidity in stone, travels with Goldsworthy underneath the skin of the earth and reveals colour and energy flowing through all things.

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