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Architectures: VOLUME 2 by RMN architectural documentaries

video topic: Showing the works, drawings, sketches and interviews. Great Works of Modern and Contemporary Architecture
video type: documentary
video no:

architect featured: Mixed
video title: Architectures VOLUME II
Published by: Réunion des musées nationaux RMN (Arte Video)
release date:
Language: English, French and German
sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
run time: 25 min approx each chapter
file size: 350 MB each chapter


description and preview:

The Architectures collection explores the most ambitious architectural achievements of the 19th and 20th centuries. This documentary, which can be viewed in English, French and German, features exceptional archival pictures, scale models and interviews with the greatest architects of our time.

A privileged, unprecedented inside look at the work of superstar architects and some of their most brilliant creations, produced by the European public television channel ARTE. This series looks at architecture and its historical and social functions to reveal its meaning and impact on humanity. Architectures 2 analyzes the Johnson Wax building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the innovations of the Galleria Umberto 1, the luxurious Stone Thermal Baths, and a high-speed train station in Satolas.


Frank Lloyd Wright: Johnson Wax Administrative Building
720x400 1169kbps 342.98MB
Both the Administration Building and the later Research Tower are of brick and glass. The main office work space is articulated by dendriform columns capable of supporting six times the weight imposed upon them, a fact Wright had to demonstrate in order to obtain a building permit.

The Galleria Umberto I
720x400 1039kbps 342.36MB
Galleria Umberto is a public gallery in Naples. It was designed by Emanuele Rocco. It was meant to combine businesses, shops, cafes and social life - public space- with private space in the apartments on the third floor.

Santiago Calatrava: Satolas-TGV
720x400 1013kbps 343.66MB
The Lyon-Satolas Station is the terminus for the TGV trains connecting the airport to the city of Lyon. 30 kilometers to the south.

Peter Zumthor: The Thermae of Stone
720x400 1274kbps 342.00MB
In the 1960s a German property developer, Karl Kurt Vorlop, built a hotel complex with over 1.000 beds to take advantage of the naturally occurring thermal springs and the source, which provides the water for Valser mineral water, sold throughout Switzerland.

 Félix Duban: École des Beaux-Arts
720x400 1026kbps 343.39MB
Duban's most visible work is the main building of the École, undertaken in 1830. The main building, the Palace of Studies, was designed with integral paintings and interior sculpture for artists' education.

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