Monday, September 20, 2010

Koolhaas Houselife, an interesting documentary film on Maison Bordeaux

video topic: architecture
entry type: Documentary film
entry no:

video title: Koolhaas Houselife

video series:
architect featured: Rem Koolhaas
director: lla beka and louise lemoine
producer: beka films
run time: 58 mins
size: 579 mb each
release date: 2008

official website:

description and preview:
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Koolhaas HouseLife is an exceptional experience of a full immersion in the daily life of one of the masterpieces of contemporary architecture of the last ten years: the House in Bordeaux, designed by the Pritzker Price winner architect Rem Koolhaas. Unlike most movies about architecture, this film speaks about the building, its structure, its materials, and its virtuosity through the observation of the invisible sphere of the daily intimacy of this architectural icon. A real experiment which presents a new way of looking at architecture, and broadens the field of its representation. Like any house, this is also a place of plurality, with its mess, deteriorations and changes. Koolhaas HouseLife offers an exceptionally spontaneous portrait of the real and changing vitality of one of those monuments which, we believe, are immortal. This is realized through the stories and daily chores of Guadalupe Acedo, the home’s caretaker and housekeeper, and the other people who look after the building. An uncommon visit that opens a surprisingly human look at the spaces and structure of this incredible building.

The work of Ila Beka and Louise Lemoine gives us a portrait of the real and changing vitality of one of those monuments that we immortal. This is done through the daily stories of Guadalupe Acedo, the housekeeper, and other people who are building maintenance. Through interaction with Guadalupe, generate an unusual and unpredictable look at the spaces and structures of the building.

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Anonymous said...

Gracias por el aporte, realmente muy interesante. Muy buena página! Saludos desde Argentina.

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