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Series Profile Megastructure by National Geographic, Five, France 5

video topic: Architecture, Design, industry
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video title: Megastructures

architect featured: mixed 
series host: National Geographic, Five, France 5
video series: introduction to the series 
Presenter: Jonathan Hart, Tom Goodman-Hill, Greg Stebner, Marlon Singleton
Producer: Hoff Productions(National Geographic)


description and preview:
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MegaStructures is a documentary television series appearing on the National Geographic Channel and Five in the United Kingdom and on France 5 in France.
Each episode is an educational look of varying depth into the construction, operation, and staffing of various structures or construction projects, but not ordinary construction products.
Generally containing interviews with designers and project managers, it presents the problems this involved the or products that are now in general use within the construction industry.
MegaStructures focuses on constructions that are extreme; in the sense that they are the biggest, tallest, longest, or deepest in the world. Alternatively, a project may appear if it had an element of novelty or are a world first (such as Dubai's Palm Islands). This type of project is known as a Megaproject.
The series follows similar subjects as the History Channel's Modern Marvels and Discovery Channel's Extreme Engineering; covering areas of architecture, transport, construction and manufacturing.

FormatDocumentary film
Narrated byJonathan Hart, Tom Goodman-Hill, Greg Stebner, Marlon Singleton
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes~100
Producer(s)Hoff Productions (16 eps)
Running time1 hour
Original channelNational Geographic ChannelFive (TV channel)France 5
Original run2004 – present
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Season 1 (2004)

01U.S.S. Ronald ReaganNimitz class Supercarrier2004-09-15
02AutobahnGerman Autobahnen2004-09-19
03Channel TunnelUndersea Tunnel between Coquelles, France and Folkestone, UK2004-09-22
04Sears Tower(Willis Tower)
05Kansai International AirportJapanese Osaka Island Airport2004-10-13
06Akashi Kaikyo BridgeWorld’s Longest Suspension Bridge in Japan 2004-10-20
07Itaipu DamDam on the Paraná River, border between Brazil and Paraguay2004-10-27
08Petronas TowersTwin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2004-11-10
  09 Inside a Super CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City, New Jersey 2004-12-01

Season 2 (2005)

10Golden Gate BridgeBridge in San Francisco, California2005-03-02
11AlcatrazAlcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, California2005-03-16
12Inside The PentagonHeadquarters of the United States Department of Defense in Arlington, Virginia2005-04-01
13World’s Busiest PortPort of Singapore, Republic of Singapore2005-05-13
14Tau Tona, City of GoldWorld’s deepest mining operations in Carletonville, South Africa2005-05-21
15Las VegasSpecial Episode, Vegas, Nevada2005-06-22
16Black Gold (Oil Mine)Syncrude and Shell Canada in oil sands located in Alberta, Canada2005-07-20
17Diamond DiggersEkati Diamond Mine, Canada’s first diamond mine, located near “Lac De Gras2005-07-27
18Sea LaunchOcean Odyssey and Sea Launch Commander2005-08-03
  19 North Sea WallDelta Works, Netherlands2005-08-17
  20 The World’s Most Extreme Island (Impossible Islands) Dubai’s artificial palm islands, United Arab Emirates2005-09-13
  21 Indy Motor SpeedwaySpeedway in Indiana2005-09-13
  22 Port of Rotterdam (Super Port)The largest port in Europe, Rotterdam, Netherlands2005-09-20
  23 Air Force Transport (Mega Plane)C-5 Galaxy2005-09-20
  24 North Branch Correctional Institution (Hi-Tech Prison)High Security Prison, Maryland2005-09-27
  25 Airbus A380 (World’s Biggest Airliner)Biggest Jumbo Jet2005-10-04
  26 USS VirginiaVirginia-class submarine2005-10-11
  27 Ultimate CasinoVenetian Hotel Resort Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada2005-10-18
  28 The Ultimate Roller coasterKingda Ka, Jackson Township, New Jersey2005-10-25
  29 Spy Fortress NORADNorth American Aerospace Defence Command, Colorado2005-10-25
  30 Berlin Train Terminal (Berlin’s Grand Central)Berlin Hauptbahnhof2005-11-15
  31 Boston’s Big DigCentral Artery / Tunnel Project in Boston, Massachusetts2005-11-22
  32 Ultimate Oil RigsConstruction of new Oil Rigs2005-12-06
  33 CosmodromeBaikonur Cosmodrome, Tyuratam, Kazakhstan2005-12-13
  34 World’s Tallest Bridge (Millau Bridge)Viaduct near Millau, France2005-12-20
  35 Mega ShipOrient Overseas Container Line / OOCL Atlanta2005-12-27

Season 3:

36 Berlin WallWall dividing Germany during the Cold War 2006-03-14
37Impossible Bridges: Greece Rio-Antirio Bridge, Gulf of Corinth, Greece 2006-05-02
38Impossible Bridges: Denmark to SwedenOresund Bridge, Copenhagen to Malmo 2006-04-18
39Hoover Dam Reinvented Colorado River, border between Nevada and Arizona 2006-05-16
40Inside “NCIS” Naval Criminal Investigative Service 2006-05-30
41Garbage Mountain

Puente Hills Landfill, Whittier, California 2006-08-01
42"Machines of War": Tanks History and Evolution of Tanks 2006-03-08
43Supertanker Seri Amanah a LNG carrier 2006-08-31
  44 "Machines of War": Cruise MissileThe History and Development of the Cruise Missile 2006-03-10
  45 Science of Steel The World’s metal construction material of choice 2006-03-11
  46 "Megafactories": Apache Helicopter Boeing IDS plant in Mesa, Arizona 2006-09-28
  47 "Machines of War": Guns The History and Evolution of the Gun 2006-03-13
  48Panama Canal Unlocked  Panama Canal Expansion Project, Central America 2006-10-19
  49Science of Brick The World’s oldest man-made building material 2006-03-15
  50Science of Concrete The World’s most used building material 2006-03-16
  51"Megafactories": Ferrari Ferrari S.p.A. factory in Maranello, Italy 2006-12-07

Season 4:

52Sinking an Aircraft Carrier Creating the world's largest artificial reef ?  
53South Pole Station  A science facility at the South Pole  2007-11-6
54The World's Biggest Cruise Liner The building of cruise liner Freedom of the Seas ?

56Icelandic Super Dam The building of Europe's biggest dam ?

Unknown Season

#↓Title (AKA)↓Subject↓Airdate↓
57Money FactoryU.S. Treasury2004
58Ultimate ChopperAgustaWestland EH101?
59Ultimate Sub (Super Sub)USS Texas (Virginia class submarine)?
60Ice HotelNear JukkasjärviSweden?
61Rockeaters of IcelandKárahnjúkar Hydropower Project?
62Super PipelineGas pipeline from Norway to Great Britain?
63Deep Sea Drillers?
64Deep Earth DrillersThe world's largest geothermal power complex?
65Future TrainsMaglev train in Germany?
66Building the WorldThe World (archipelago)Dubai?
67Dubai's Dream PalaceBurj al-Arab Hotel?
68World Trade Center BahrainWorld Trade Center (Manama)?
69Bridge of Mostar2004
70The World's Biggest Shredder2008
71Hawaii Superferry?
72Queen Mary 2?
73Skyscraper (Ultimate Skyscraper)Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park, NYC?
74Atom SmasherThe Large Hadron Collider?
75World's Biggest CasinoWorld's biggest casino sited in Macau, Southern China?
76Earthquake GlasshouseAcademy of Sciences, CA, USA?
77Man Made Sun?
78747 DestructionEvergreen Air Center in Arizona, USA2008
79Bridge BreakdownDemolition of the (1927) Carquinez Bridge - San Francisco Bay Area2007
80Miami Super StadiumBreaking Up Miami Super Stadium?
81SMART TunnelSMART Tunnel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia?
82Electric Ocean?
83Impossible Bridges: ChinaLupuRunyang, and Sutong bridges?
84Beijing Water CubeBeijing National Aquatics Center?
85China's Ultimate PortYangshan Port?
86Shanghai Super TowerShanghai World Financial Centre?
87Beijing Olympic Stadium?
88Time Bomb Tunnel?
89Building Green Beijing?
90Hoover Dam?
92Canton Tower?

Other National Geographic Programmes

Megastructures: China (Unknown Season)

  1. "Impossible Bridges: China" // LupuRunyang, and Sutong bridges
  2. "Beijing Water Cube" // Beijing National Aquatics Center
  3. "China's Ultimate Port" (Deep Sea Port) // Yangshan Port
  4. "Shanghai Super Tower" // Shanghai World Financial Centre
  5. "Beijing Olympic Stadium" //
  6. "World's Biggest Casino" // World's biggest casino sited in Macau, Southern China

Megastructures: Built From Disaster (2009)

  1. "Megastructures: Built From Disaster - Bridges" // Wednesday 26 August 8-9pm on Five
  2. "Megastructures: Built From Disaster - Ships" // Thursday 3 September 8-9pm on Five
  3. "Megastructures: Built From Disaster - Tunnels" // Thursday 10 September 8-9pm on Five
  4. "Megastructures: Built From Disaster - Stadiums" // Thursday 24 September 8-9pm on Five
  5. "Megastructures: Built From Disaster - Trains" // Thursday 8 October 8-9pm on Five
  6. "Megastructures: Built From Disaster - Skyscrapers" // Thursday 15 October 8-9pm on Five

Ancient Megastructures (Unknown Season)

  1. "Ancient Megastructures: Chartes Cathedral" // Series 1
  2. "Ancient Megastructures: Colosseum" // Series 1
  3. "Ancient Megastructures: The Great Pyramid" // Series 1
  4. "Ancient Megastructures: St Paul's Cathedral" // Series 2
  5. "Ancient Megastructures: Alhambra" // Series 2
  6. "Ancient Megastructures: Petra" // Series 2
  7. "Ancient Megastructures: Machu Picchu" // Series 2
  8. "Ancient Megastructures: Angkor Wat" // Series 2
  9. "Ancient Megastructures: Istanbul's Hagia Sophia" // Series 2

Monster Moves (Unknown Season)

  1. "Monster Moves: Blizzard Battle" //
  2. "Monster Moves: Snake Country" //
  3. "Monster Moves: Colossal Churches" //
  4. "Monster Moves: Rescuing Ramesses" //
  5. "Monster Moves: Risky Rescues" //
  6. "Monster Moves: Historic Homes" //
  7. "Monster Moves: Massive Machines" //
  8. "Monster Moves: 100 Ton Train" //
  9. "Monster Moves: Total Towns" //
  10. "Monster Moves: Hauling History" //

Ultimate Factories (Unknown Season)

season 1:

Apache Helicopter

season 2:

Pierce Fire Trucks/ Peterbilt truck
John Deere
M-1 Abraham Tank


season 3:

NYC Subway car
Pierce Fire Trucks/ Peterbilt truck
Rolls Royce
United Postal Service


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