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The Parking Lot Movie: a philosophical glance towards the most common service

video topic: architecture, philosophy, psychology
entry type: Documentary, documentary film
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video title: The Parking Lot movie
director: Meghan Eckman
producer: Redhouse Productions LLC

run time: 71 mins
size: 700 mb
release date: 2010

official website:

description and preview:
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a different glance towards one of the most common feature of architecture and urban design. The Parking Lot Movie is a feature-length documentary directed by Meghan Eckman. It was filmed over the course of 3 years from 2007-2010. It premiered at South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, TX in 2010. It was purchased by PBS and aired nationwide on Independent Lens October 19, 2010 - opening the 2010 Independent Lens Season.

The Parking Lot Movie follows a group of parking lot attendants who work at The Corner Parking Lot in Charlottesvile, Virginia. They have to deal with drunken, rude, and cheap patrons, as well as vandals.

The film centers on the experience of the attendants, who are primarily students at the nearby University of Virginia, and mostly majoring in Liberal Arts subjects such as Philosophy or Anthropology. The result is that they are given the opportunity while working at the Corner Parking lot to examine aspects of the human condition in terms of societal norms and values, as well as to refine their own personal philosophy of life. In the words of John Lindaman, one of the attendants who had worked there for 20 years: "It taught me how to be a human being." It is this aspect of the film that sets it apart from other documentaries.

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The Parking Lot Movie Official Trailer from The Parking Lot Movie on Vimeo.

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