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The Art of Eric Gill

video topic: art
entry type: documentary

video title: The Art of Eric Gill

photographer/ architect featured: Eric Gill
producer: Illuminations
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size: 650 mb
release date: 2005

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Overview of the life and work of the influential sculptor, architect, writer and teacher who founded austere artistic communities but whose art was often an untamed celebration of sexuality
Eric Gill was one of the twentieth century's most admired sculptors. He was also a letter-cutter, typographic designer (of Gill Sans, among other typefaces), calligrapher, architect, writer and teacher. His best-known works include the Stations of the Cross in Westminster Cathedral, carved between 1913 and 1918, and his 1931 Prospero and Ariel for the BBC's Broadcasting House in central London.

Gill lived an extraordinary and unconventional life, converting to Catholicism and creating self-sufficient, austere religious communities in Ditchling, Surrey and at Capel y Ffin in the Black Mountains in Wales where, surrounded by his retinue, he worked as sculptor, wood-engraver, and type designer. He also wrote prodigiously on his favourite topics: social reform; the integration of the body and spirit; the evils of industrialisation; and the importance of the working man. The first typeface that he designed was Perpetua, but of all the 11 typefaces that he designed, Gill Sans is his most famous; it is a clear modern type that became the letter of the railways - appearing on their signs, engine plates, and timetables.
He converted to Catholicism in 1913, yet for all the profound religious commitment in much of his art, his sculptures and drawings are often also untamed celebrations of sexuality and the female body. He died in 1940.

The Art of Eric Gill presents many of Gill's most important works, and has a soundtrack drawn entirely from Gill's compendious and controversial writings.

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