Sunday, August 7, 2011

how its made: documentary on products and design by discovery channel

video topic: Product Design
entry type: Documentary

video title: How it's made all seasons all episodes

video series:  How its made

producer: Discover Channel(science channel)
seasons: 16episodes: 13 each
run time: 
release date:

official website:

description and preview:
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The show is a documentary program showing how common, everyday items (including foodstuffs like bubblegum, industrial products such as motors, musical instruments such as guitars, and sporting goods such as snowboards) are manufactured, and is filmed to simplify overdubbing in different languages, for example largely avoiding showing a narrator or host onscreen, and most often also not having employees of featured companies speak on camera. Similarly, it's rare for the product's brand name to be visible on camera.

An offscreen narrator explains each process, often making use of puns. Each half hour show usually has three or four main segments, with each product getting a demonstration of about five minutes, with exceptions for more complex products.

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