Saturday, August 13, 2011

Restoring Genius: The Art of Agnolo Bronzino

video topic: Art, art restoration
entry type: documentary

video title: Restoring Genius: The Art of Agnolo Bronzino

director: Richard Blanshard

producer: Skyarts

run time:
release date: 2010

official web:

description and preview:
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Counting down the days to one of the most anticipated exhibitions in Florence for decades, Restoring Genius follows some of the world’s leading art restorers as they conserve and repair five spectacular paintings by the 16th-century Cosimo de’ Medici court artist, Agnolo diCosimo di Mariano, known to most as Bronzino.

Having been born in and dying in Florence, the city’s Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi provides the perfect setting for Bronzino’s exhibition of 2010, a once-in-a-life-time collection of the Mannerist painter and poet’s work, which the gallery director claims includes “every Bronzino that can move off its wall.”

Exploring the spectacular world of the Medici and tracing the story of this enigmatic artist, this documentary investigates the recent revival of interest in his work. And, while the reasons behind di Mariano’s nickname remain a mystery, restorers can reveal intriguing and intricate under-drawings discovered beneath his paintings.

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