Sunday, September 18, 2011

Monsieur René Magritte a documentary on the famous surreal artist by Adrian Maben

video topic: art
entry type: Documentary

video title: Monsieur René Magritte
artist featured: René Magritte
director: Adrian Maben
producer: Antenne-2, RM Productions Fernseh- und Filmgesellschaft mbH, ArtHaus
run time: 52 mins
size: mixed
release date: 1978


description and preview:
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The house where artist Rene Magritte lived and worked was left untouched by his widow after his death in 1967, and it tells much about the man who found inspiration in everyday surroundings. Childhood experiences and the suicide of Magritte's mother are recalled by the artist himself in archive footage and he explains how this tragic event later inspired themes in his paintings. The film focuses on the recurring influences of certain objects and places in Magritte's art, his experimentation with futurism and his attraction to the work of de Chirico before discovering his own unique surrealist style.

screen cap:

sneak peek:

monsieur rené magritte, interview from topares on Vimeo.

smaller version:

magritte paintings:



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