Monday, September 5, 2011

My Kid Could Paint That, a fascinating story of a four year old artist

video topic: art
entry type: documentary

video title: My Kid Could Paint That

artist featured: Marla Olmstead
director: Amir Bar-Lev
producer: AandE IndieFilms
run time: 82 min
size: 700 mb
release date: 2007


description and preview:
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Four year old Marla Olmstead from Binghamton, New York became the sensation of the art world for her abstract artwork, which have sold for thousands of dollars per piece. The showing of her work started off as a lark, but when the paintings sold without the buyers knowing who the artist was, the media began to run with the story. Through it all, Marla's parents, Mark Olmstead and Laura Olmstead, want to be grounded in what is best for their daughter while exposing her to whatever positive may come from the experience. But some negative and big name media also surfaces, some questioning whether Marla is the real artist behind the work, and some questioning exposing a four year old to such infamy. Regardless, the fact of this art selling brings up the legitimacy of abstract art being quantified as "quality", especially if a four year old can produce it but can't express the emotions or rationale behind its creation.

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