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Secret Civilizations: Incan and Mayan Worlds - Machu Picchu Road to the Sky by NHK

video topic: architecture, history
entry type: documentary

video title: Secret Civilizations: Incan and Mayan Worlds - Machu Picchu Road to the Sky
video series: Secret Civilizations: Incan and Mayan Worlds

architecture featured: Mayan architecture
producer: NHK
run time: 45 min
size: 1.39 gb
release date:2007

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this is the second part of the Secret Civilization series which focuses on Inca and Mayan history and culture through their architecture, and artifacts. (i am trying to find links for the other episodes too) other episodes consist of:
episode 1: Andes: Life with Mummies
episode 2: Machu Picchu: Road to the Sky
episode 3: Royal Dynasties Deep in the Jungle
episode 4: Incan and Mayan Worlds from the Sky

Machu Picchu: Road to the Sky:

The city in the sky - Machu Picchu - is one of the most beautiful World Heritage Sites and the main symbol of the Inca Empire. The continuing excavations at Machu Picchu have brought to light many of the secrets of Incan prosperity. The city itself is built on a steep Andean mountain ridge, and scholars have often wondered how and why the Incans built it in this harsh environment. This episode explores the Incan secrets in building this magnificent city.
The Incas built up a huge empire in the steep mountains of the Andes, while the Mayas flourished in the vast jungle. The Incan and the Mayan civilizations that developed on their own in Central and South America are full of legends and mysteries. Their descendants have kept their unique traditional ways of life and unbroken cultural heritages, which are interestingly distinctive to other cultures.
Pre-Columbian civilizations are contrary to the long accepted view about the development of civilizations that "any great civilizations developed in valleys of great rivers". Surprisingly, they had neither ironware nor wheels that are considered fundamental elements of advanced ancient civilizations. The Incas even had no written language.
However, the Incas and the Mayas actually established prosperous civilizations, by making use of the natural features of their lands. Their "peculiar" but sophisticated ways to live harmoniously with the nature should suggest the significance of "diversity".
The NHK Special series, Secret Civilizations explores mysterious and exotic worlds of pre-Columbian civilizations, focusing on the latest excavations and the traditional lives of people in Central and South America. With cutting-edge 3D computer graphics as well as with creative use of 2D animations, the series reveals unknown facts about the Incas and the Mayas who successfully built shining civilizations unique from others. What can we learn from the Incas and the Mayas? The series treats viewers to an enjoyable and eye-opening three-hour experience.

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