Monday, October 3, 2011

Marc Chagall: portrait of an artist by kim evans

video topic: art
entry type: documentary

video title: Marc Chagall aka Marc Chagall: portrait of an artist

artist featured: Marc Chagall
director: Kim Evans
producer: Homevision, ArtHaus
run time: 52+ min
size:  mixed
release date: 1984



description and preview:
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During his own lifetime, Marc Chagall became a legend--the grand old man of French painting. Born in the Jewish ghetto in provincial Russia, he broke away from the restrictions of poverty and religious constraints to become swept up in the political and artistic maelstrom of the Russian Revolution before moving to Paris, at that time the artistic capital of Europe. Cubism, Expressionism, Surrealism--Chagall learned from all of these movements and rubbed shoulders with many of the great painters and poets of the century, but he stayed very much his own man and developed a unique style which was his hallmark through the years. This important film was completed shortly before Chagall's death and is the only film made about this great artist during his lifetime.

Braque followed his sense of order, Modigliani painted with his sensuality, Mir's subconsciousness guided his brush. Only Chagall painted explicitly with his heart:in the Age of Reason he passionately emphasized fantasy and emotions. From the ghetto of a Russian remote city he came to Paris, but remained true to his origin: In confrontations with Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism he developed his own style and and kept a strong bond to his topics for many year: The way of life in a small Russian village, the loving in surreal sceneries, biblical episodes.
Kim Evans shows this great painter and man in this documentation. The film was made shortly after Chagall's death. It has become the last great testimonial of this great artist

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