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Architectures: VOLUME 4 by RMN architectural documentaries

video topic: Showing the works, drawings, sketches and interviews. Great Works of Modern and Contemporary Architecture
video type: documentary
video no:

architect featured: Mixed
video title: Architectures VOLUME IV
Published by: Réunion des musées nationaux RMN (Arte Video)
release date:
Language: English, French and German
sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
run time: 25 min approx each chapter
file size: 350 MB each chapter


description and preview:

The Architectures collection explores the most ambitious architectural achievements of the 19th and 20th centuries. This documentary, which can be viewed in English, French and German, features exceptional archival pictures, scale models and interviews with the greatest architects of our time.

Part four of this insightful series of films gives us a privileged, unprecedented inside look at the work of superstar architects and some of their most brilliant creations. The volume covers such groundbreaking sites as: The Royal Saltworks of Arc et Senans, built in the 18th century for the king of France, The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao which incorporates chaotic and abstract elements, the "rational" architecture of Jean Prouve's House, The St. Foy Abbey, a masterpiece of Roman art, and The Sendai mediatheque, a glass cube built in Japan in 2001. This brillant compliation uniquely reveals the art of architecture, its meaning and impact.


Claude-Nicolas Ledoux : The Saline of Arc-et-Senans
720x400 1117kbps 341.26MB
The Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans is considered Ledoux's masterpiece. The initial building work was conceived as the first phase of a large and grandiose scheme for a new ideal city.

Pierre Chareu: Maison de Verre
720x400 1137kbps 340.94MB
The Maison de Verre (French for House of Glass) was built from 1928 to 1931 in Paris. France. Constructed in the early modern style of architecture, the house's design emphasized three primary traits: honesty of materials, variable transparency of forms, and juxtaposition of "industrial" materials and fixtures with a more traditional style of home décor.

Jean Prouvé: The House of Jean Prouvé
720x400 1231kbps 338.86MB
Jean was born in Nancy. He grew up surrounded by the ideals and energy of his father Victor Prouvé's art collective, "l'École de Nancy".

Toyo Ito: The Sendaï Media Center
720x400 930kbps 340.39MB
The Mediatheque is located on a tree-lined avenue in Sendai, its transparent facade allowing for the revelation of diverse activities that occur within the building.

The Abby Sainte Foy de Conques
720x400 1141kbps 340.12MB
The Sainte-Foy abbey-church in Conques was a popular stop for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. in what is now Spain. Its construction was begun on the foundations of a smaller earlier basilica, directed by the abbot Odolric (1031-1065) and completed around the year 1120. It was built in Romanesque style.

Frank O Gehry: The Bilbao Guggenheim Museum
720x400 1214kbps 338.83MB
The new Guggenheim Museum Bilbao composition continues a curvaceous, free-form sculptural style that has become a Gehry signature. part4.rar

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