Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Architectures: VOLUME 5 by RMN architectural documentaries

video topic: Showing the works, drawings, sketches and interviews. Great Works of Modern and Contemporary Architecture
video type: documentary
video no:

architect featured: Mixed
video title: Architectures VOLUME V
Published by: Réunion des musées nationaux RMN (Arte Video)
release date:
Language: English, French and German
sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
run time: 25 min approx each chapter
file size: 350 MB each chapter


description and preview:

The Architectures collection explores the most ambitious architectural achievements of the 19th and 20th centuries. This documentary, which can be viewed in English, French and German, features exceptional archival pictures, scale models and interviews with the greatest architects of our time.

The art of architecture comes alive in this collection of short films on the world s most pivotal examples of architectural construction. Each segment focuses on a structure chosen for its unique aesthetic and for the extraordinary role it has played in the evolution of architectural design. Each building or site is explored from top to bottom, examined from the foundation to the roof, and dissected from model to completed structure.
The Alhambra in Grenada, the House of Sugimoto, the Reception and Congress Building in Rome, the Yoyogi Olympic Gymnasiums, the Villa Barbaro, and the Phaeno not only presented practical problems for the architects who designed them but also inspired their creativity. Explore the roots of their ambition and inspiration with ARCHITECTURES VOLUME 5.


The Alhambra
704x398 1985kbps 443.06MB
Worried their dynasty would disappear, the Nasrid sultans made the Alhambra a paradise lost. dedicated to poetry and beauty.

The House of Sugimoto
704x398 1583kbps 364.70MB
Built in Kyoto in 1743, this traditional Japanese architectural masterpiece portrays a different understanding of architecture and building. The Sugimoto Residence is built in the traditional wooden Kyoto townhouse style with sliding wooden doors (kyokoushi and dekoushi), inuyarai (which prevents dogs from leaving their "mark") and second-floor windows made in the tsuchinuri (stucco) style.

Adalderto Libera: The Reception & Congress Building Rome
704x398 1983kbps 442.58MB
In the most ambitious of the Mussolini regime buildings. leader of Italy's modern movement Adalberto Libera attempted the impossible combination of fascism with modernity. The Palace of Conferences represents the melting of modern technologies and materials with the classic inspiration that was requested during the Fascism.

Kenzo Tange: The Yoyogo Olympic Gymnasiums
704x398 1865kbps 417.37MB
For the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Kenzo Tange designed 2 concrete gymnasiums expressing movement.

Andrea Palladio: The Villa Barbaro (Villa di Maser)
704x394 1758kbps 403.88MB
By inventing the villa, a new type of housing, which was half palace and half farm. Andrea Palladio sought to combine aesthetics with utility. This rigorous and innovative approach was to have a lasting influence on Western architecture.

Zaha Hadid: Phaeno Building as Landscape
704x394 1565kbps 368.05MB
The sculptural power of a 'science centre' in which the plan is a landscape ' the landscape of Zaha Hadid's experiences.

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