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Michael Rice Biologic Architecture in Practice

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Bio-Architecture is a new science of LIFE FORCE in buildings, based on the science of how a building makes and generates the required FRACTAL FIELD. Re creating our built environment

Everything is energy, which moves about in waves. When two or more waves of energy meet and greet it is called wave interference. If these waves cancel each other out it is called destructive interference, and as you might guess when the waves create a new more sustainable pattern it is called constructive interference. Nature realised early on that constructive interference creates energy patterns, which support the evolution of life and life supporting environments. So be it an egg, a forest or a galaxy, the electrical charge symmetry of natural forms is not only the playground of life, but life itself.

These shapes and resulting ratios, proportions and growth algorithms provide us with a magnificent blueprint for the design and creation of spaces that are literally filled with life energy (capacitive charge density). All of the designs available on this site are based on these natural design harmonics. There are no arbitrary walls positions or dimensions. Every building element, from the plan matrices to the built volumes and enclosures support biology measurably.

Countless folk who have built homes using this approach not only get to live in brighter and more beautiful spaces, but they often describe experiencing a definite positive shift in their circumstances, ranging from health to relationship issues.

More holistic and natural approaches are emerging (re-emerging - more accurately) informing the ways we give birth, prepare and store food, heal, process information, build shelter, create communities and ultimately die. The expression “it’s not meant to be hard” seems appropriate here, as we have been conditioned into giving our power away quite easily, and to believe that in order to effect positive change in our lives and societies we need to have multiple PhDs, unlimited funds and boundless time and energy.

This new wave of awareness presents us with a pure principle anchor, a practical grounded philosophy based on simple measurable scientific principles, which apply in all life circumstances, because it is the way nature works - not a bad frame of reference if one wants to create a truly sustainable world.

Michael Rice Biography

Michael is an award winning bio architect and member of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. He studied at the School of Architecture in University College Dublin.

He set up his own bio architecture practice in 1998 based in the Slieve Bloom Mountains in the heart of Ireland, specialising in Bio Architecture, Sacred Design and Living. He is kept wonderfully busy designing beautiful homes all over the world. He teaches ‘Bio/Sacred Geometry and Coherent Emotion’ internationally, and has gained a reputation as a dynamic and playfully enthusiastic presenter.

Michael Rice is the world leader in Bio Architecture, also known as Biological Architecture. Bio means 'life'.
Architecture is the art and science of building structures.
Bio Architecture is the Art and Science of building structures which create, support and enhance life and living systems

He has travelled extensively and studied Architecture / Natural Design, Martial Arts, Science and Philosophy for over 25 years, and brings this understanding and practical experience to both his design work and his teachings. His knowledge of the Science of Creation offers deep insight into how literally the shapes of our thoughts and emotions create our worlds.

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