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Dreamspaces: a documentary series on contemporary Architecture and design by BBC3

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video title: Dreamspaces

video series:  Dreamspaces
architect featured: mixed

Presenter: David Adjaye, Justine Frischmann, Charlie Luxton

producer: BBCepisodes: 12
run time: 
size: 350 mb each
release date: 2003-2004

official website:

description and preview:
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Dreamspaces was a BBC documentary TV series about architecture and interior design. The series ran for two seasons and had twelve episodes total. The show was broadcast on BBC Three from 2003 to 2004.

Dreamspaces was a high concept architecture and design series that ran to two series of six episodes on BBC3. Presenters David Adjaye, Charlie Luxton and Justine Frischmann (ex lead singer of Elastica) attempted - and largely succeeded - to make architecture and design sexy, helped by stylish subject matter and a contemporary soundtrack. Guest presenters added cameos of their own favourite buildings.

quote from
Dreamspaces was a short lived BBC Three documentary series that I fell in love with a few years back, and like every short lived show, it managed to break my heart. I loosely compare it to Top Gear because for someone not that into architecture it had me enthralled in a way I didn’t think a show about buildings (or cars) could, and because of the brilliant production and beautifully shot stories.

Presented by David Adjaye, Justine Frischmann and Charlie Luxton it was part architecture geek out, part travel show, and always showed the emotional connections we have to our surroundings. To this day I still have high on my list of travel destinations places that were visited by the Dreamspaces team, and no segment from the show changed my thinking more then Justine Frischmann’s look at Brazil’s planned capital; Brasilia.

As a long time resident of a planned city myself, I have this show to thank for my heightened appreciation of the design in which I live, and its a credit to the quality of the show (from its opening sequence in the first video, to the story on Brasilia in the second) that the places presented on it have stayed with me as long as they have.

season 1:

Episode Segments Presented by

Bag It Up Charlie Luxton
Destination: Puerto Rico Justine Frischmann
Pocket Guide: Mies van der Rohe Charlie Luxton
Well Overdue David Adjaye
Dreamspace: Dave Gorman Dave Gorman

Urban Choice Charlie Luxton
Destination: Bucharest David Adjaye
Pocket Guide: Arne Jacobsen Charlie Luxton
A River Runs through It Justine Frischmann
Dreamspace: Pauline McLynn Pauline McLynn

Tainted Love Justine Frischmann
Destination: Miami Charlie Luxton
Pocket Guide: Walter Gropius Charlie Luxton
All Rise David Adjaye
Dreamspace: Jamie Theakston Jamie Theakston

Destination: Antwerp David Adjaye
Nuclear Families Justine Frischmann
Pocket Guide: Denys Lasdun Charlie Luxton
Park Life Charlie Luxton
Dreamspace: Natalie Casey Natalie Casey

Clubbed to Death David Adjaye
Destination: Brasilia Justine Frischmann
Pocket Guide: James Stirling Charlie Luxton
The Ambassador's Reception Charlie Luxton
Dreamspace: Nick Moran Nick Moran

Destination: Helsinki Charlie Luxton
Power Trip David Adjaye
Pocket Guide: le Corbusier Charlie Luxton
Watercooler Challenge Justine Frischmann
Dreamspace: Mark Radcliffe Mark Radcliffe

episode 2:

Episode Segments Presented by

Stand up for the new Mexican Wave
Why buildings don’t look like buildings anymore
The leading man in Hollywood houses
The place that rocks Seb Fontaine’s box


New department stores, never knowingly under designed
On a Moroccan roll in Casablanca
Will Britians new parliments get your vote?
Dawson’s Sheek, Pacey’s favourite placey

Fear & Loathing in Vegas casinos
Meet the beatles of architecture
Why Valencia is the new Barcelona
Smack the pony, Hit the bar with Doon Mackichan

Putting the ‘In’ into Innsbruck
Buildings in camouflage, So this season!
Members only, The ace of clubs
Paul Kay gets a kick from Highbury Stadium


About the Presenters

David Adjaye

David Adjaye is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Having started a small practice in 1994, he soon built a reputation in reconstructing cafes, bars and private homes for high profile clients including Chris Ofili, Ewan McGregor and Alexander McQueen. His practice Adjaye/Associates has designed two 'Idea Store' libraries in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and the Bernie Grant Centre in Tottenham, along with a range of other commissions.
Justine Frischmann

Justine Frischmann was half way through an architecture course at the University of London when she met Brett Anderson, dropped out of her course and joined Suede. She then went on to lead the moderately successful band Elastica. She was once one of the judges for the Royal Institute of British Architecture's Stirling Prize.
Charlie Luxton

Charlie Luxton was born in Sydney, Australia, but has lived in England since 1983 and has an MA in Architecture from Oxford Brookes University. He was the creative director of Make Communications, a company producing architecture, events and television. In November 2003 Make opened a new "urban experience" on London's South Bank involving giant wind turbines. In 2004 he presented a series Guerilla Homes. As well as presenting on BBC Three, Charlie has been seen on BBC Four, Channel 4 and Five.

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Download and watch online:
online version:

the episodes can be viewed online from many sources. some are not available in certain countries. click link1 for ficnding different links showing dreamspaces and try different sources for full episodes from your country. click the second link for some selected short clips from the show

link 2

sneak peek:

The show is yet to recieve a DVD release, however I have managed to track down 10 of the 12 episodes produced in the series and made them available for download below. Episode one is fairly ordinary quality, but the rest are quite respectable.

Episode One: Download (148mb)

Episode Two: Download (188mb)

Episode Three: Download (194mb)

Episode Four: Download (206mb)

Episode Five: Download (173mb)

Episode Six: Download (175mb)

Episode Seven: Download (203mb)

Episode Nine: Download (228mb)

Episode Ten: Download (237mb)

Episode Eleven: Download (218mb)

All videos are encoded in iPod friendly H264, and will also play on your Mac or PC in either Quicktime or VLC. The quality varies between files, which is why some episodes are larger than others.

links 2:


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