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Goodbye (So long) Frank Lloyd Wright, a song by Simon and Garfunkel

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video title: Goodbye Frank Lloyd Wright

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architect featured: Frank Lloyd Wright
singer: Simon and 
album: Bridge Over Troubled Water
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release date: 1970

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Art Garfunkel dared Paul Simon to write a song about Frank Lloyd Wright. This song was the answer to that dare.

Frank Lloyd Wright is a famous architect. Garfunkel once studied to be an architect because he thought his career as a musician would never pan out.

"I said to Paul this summer while we were living in California, why don't you write a song about Frank Lloyd Wright, simply because in my past I was studying to be an architect and I was always very fond of Frank Lloyd Wright. And to my surprise, he wrote the following song." Art Garfunkel at the Simon $ Garfunkel concert at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio -- November 11, 1969.

This song can also be interpreted as a good-bye from Paul to Art since "Bridge" was their last album together. The phrase "I remember the nights we'd harmonize till dawn, I never laughed so long, so long, so long..." The repeated use of "so long" can be interpreted as a goodbye. (thanks, Kristy - La Porte City, IA, for all above)


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