Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Jeff Koons Show, a documentary on Koon and felow artist like chuck close, julian schnabel

video topic: art
entry type: Documentary

video title: The Jeff Koons Show

artist featured: Jeff Koons, Chuck Close, Julian Schnabel

director: Alison Chernick

run time: 65 min
size: 614 mb
release date: 2010

official web:

description and preview:
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A documentary on the life and work of artist Jeff Koons, told through the perspective of Koons himself, curators, gallerists, and fellow artists (Chuck Close, Julian Schnabel, etc.).

Where was art at the end of the 20th century? And who was its true spokesman? Former stockbroker and perpetual salesman Jeff Koons took it upon himself to be the world's greatest living artist who, in his own words, is "ending the 20th century. I would say that within the 20th century the only parallels will be Picasso and Duchamp."

In Alison Chernick's comprehensive and, at times, comical documentary about the man who turned 70,000 flowers into a giant puppy, controlled the auction houses trumping all record sales and captivated the art world with his wide mid-American smile, we get a tour into contemporary art's most enigmatic and controversial character. "Just as Andy Warhol predicted celebrity, Jeff Koons predicted branding" says gallerist Mary Boone.

A retrospective of Jeff Koons' shock and dazzle career, the documentary presses luminaries such as artists Julian Schnabel and Chuck Close, critic Jerry Saltz, editor Ingrid Sischy and curator Dan Cameron to explain the phenomenon that is Koons.

screen cap:

sneak peek:

download: Koons Show (Chernick, 2004).avi


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