Saturday, August 13, 2011

Salvador Dali advertisements, compilation of few advertisements where Dali acted and worked

video topic: art, design, advertisement
entry type: compilation

video title: Salvador Dali advertisements

artist featured: Salvador Dali
director: mixed
producer: mixed
run time:
size: 70 mb
release date: mixed


description and preview:
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The painter Salvador Dali was an outstanding artists and someone who embraced all the modern forms of spectacle and mass media. Obviously, the main of them is advertisements and that's why Dali spent a considerable amount of time shooting, writting and directing ads himself. This is the list of ads included in the file, unforgetable all of them, surrealism delivered to mass media and digested as a form of spectacle.

-Boligraf Hotel
-Chien Andalou II
-De pequeño...
-Escarxofes tendres
-Le Charleston
-Una polla Xica

screen cap:

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