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Cities of the Underworld (Season 2) by History Channel

video topic: Architecture, secret urban lives
entry type: Documentary Series
entry no:

video title: Cities of the Underworld (Season 2)

video series: Cities of the Underworld
architect featured:
director: Don Wildman
producer: History Channel, Authentic Entertainment
run time:  43 mins each
size: 350 mb each
release date: 2007

official website:

description and preview:
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Skyscrapers loom overhead, taxis honk their horns and street vendors shout as they peddle their wares. But the buzz of the city above is nothing compared to the powerful pull of the past and the amazing secrets simmering just beneath one's feet! We travelled hundreds of feet beneath the pavement to reveal hidden worlds that literally make up the foundations of today's greatest cities.
Engineers, architects, and archaeologists leave the metropolitan chaos behind to travel deep beneath the city streets into the meandering tunnels, abandoned subway lines, hidden water supplies, dank dungeons, eerie tombs, clandestine hideouts, and forgotten cities that have been lost to the hands of time (or purposely hidden for more sinister reasons...).
Combining the stunning visuals of high definition video and state of the art computer graphics CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD turns history upside-down. The construction and engineering of subterranean structures are brought to life and detail how a modern city miraculously doesn't collapse onto the one below. Whether it is Rome, London, Paris or New York these vibrant cities teeming with life, not roped off excavation sites deep in the desert.

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Season 2

15"Underground Apocalypse" Jerusalem, Israel
16"Vietnam" Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and the Vietnamese jungle
17"A-Bomb Underground" Tokyo and Hiroshima, Japan
18"Viking Underground" Dublin, Ireland
19"Hitler's Last Secret" Prague, Czech Republic
20"Maya Underground" Belize
21"Mob Underground" Chicago, Illinois, USA
22"Prophecies From Below" Jerusalem, Israel
  23   "New York: Secret Societies" New York City, New York, USA
24"Washington, D.C.: Seat of Power" Washington, D.C., USA
Greenbrier County, West Virginia
25"Stalin's Secret Lair" Moscow, Russia
26"Katrina Underground" New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
27"Secret Soviet Bases" Ukraine

Screen Cap:

sneak peek


2x01 Underground Apocalypse
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2x02 Vietnam
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2x03 A-Bomb Underground
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2x04 Viking Underground
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2x05 Hitler's Last Secret
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2x06 Maya Underground
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2x07 Mob Underground
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2x08 Prophecies from Below
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2x09 New York: Secret Societies
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2x10 Washington, DC: Seat of Power
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2x11 Stalin's Secret Lair
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2x12 Katrina Underground
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2x13 Secret Soviet Bases
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