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Cities of the Underworld (Season 1) by History channel

video topic: Architecture, secret urban lives
entry type: Documentary Series
entry no:

video title: Cities of the Underworld (Season 1)

video series: Cities of the Underworld
architect featured:
director: Don Wildman
producer: History Channel, Authentic Entertainment
run time:  43 mins each
size: 350 mb each
release date: 2007

official website:

description and preview:
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Cities of the Underworld
In every major metropolis, skyscrapers loom above, taxis and vendors clamor at street level, and subways rumble below. But deeper beneath the hectic surface lie other, silent worlds, each with its own mysterious and fascinating history.

CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD peels away the layers of time--often literally hundreds of feet thick--to expose the incredible pasts lurking beneath some of the most populous cities on earth. Throughout the world, cities such as Paris, New York, Rome and Shanghai all harbor long-submerged networks that once served crucial functions, from eerie catacombs to clandestine hideouts and ancient aqueducts to underground societies. Now, The History Channel examines these mysterious realms, from the technological feats of their construction and the myths and lore that have cloaked these subterranean marvels for centuries.

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Season 1

1"Istanbul"Istanbul, Turkey
2"Scotland's Sin City"Edinburgh, Scotland (features Gilmerton Cove)
3"Hitler's Underground Lair"Berlin, Germany
4"Rome's Hidden Empire"Rome, Italy
5"Catacombs of Death"Paris, France
6"City of Caves"Budapest,Hungary
7"New York"New York City,USA
8"London's Lost Cities" London, England
9"Beneath Vesuvius" Naples, Italy
  10   "Freemason Underground" USA: Boston, Massachusetts; Philadelphia; and Concord, Massachusetts
11"Dracula's Underground" Bucharest, Romania
12"Secret Pagan Underground" Cappadocia, Turkey
13"Underground Bootleggers"Portland, Oregon, USA
14"Rome: The Rise"Rome, Italy

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