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Cities of the Underworld (Season 3) by History Channel

video topic: Architecture, secret urban lives
entry type: Documentary Series
entry no:

video title: Cities of the Underworld (Season 3)

video series: Cities of the Underworld
architect featured:
director: Don Wildman
producer: History Channel, Authentic Entertainment
run time:  43 mins each
size: 350 mb each
release date: 2009

official website:

description and preview:
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Every city has its secrets – but who could imagine how many linger below ground, sometimes for thousands of years? Secret passageways, combat tunnels, buried palaces, Mafia escape routes and ammunition depots are just a few of the subterranean surprises you’ll discover in CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD: THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE, a fascinating look beneath the surface of some of the world’s major cities.

Ever wonder how Las Vegas casinos keep their cash safe? Or where Roman gladiators learned to fight? How about what’s beneath Egypt’s first pyramid or San Francisco’s scenic hills? Host Don Wildman returns once again to answer these questions and explore other buried secrets from London to Sicily, Okinawa and Ethiopia. Part history buff, part urban explorer, Don uses state of the art surveillance equipment to help investigate places often known only to archeologists and local residents. Walk in the footsteps of history but be careful – it’s dark and dangerous down there!

CITIES OF THE UNDERWORLD: THE COMPLETE SEASON THREE is an all-access pass to 13 secret worlds buried beneath our city streets

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Season 3

  28   "City of Blood" London, England
29"Tunnels of Hell" Okinawa Island, Japan
30"Real Mafia Underground" Island of Sicily, Italy
31"Secret Sin City" Las Vegas, USA
32"Hitler's Trenches" Belgium's Western Front
33"Barbarians' Lair" Dark Age sites of Luxembourg and Belgium
34"Land of Manson" Los Angeles, USA
35"Gladiators: Blood Sport" Rome, Italy
36"Secret Holy Land" Ethiopia
37"Under The Rock" San Francisco, USA
38"Tomb of the Lost Mummies" Cairo, Egypt
39"Gods of War" Turkey
40"Alcatraz Down Under" Sydney, Australia

screen cap:

Sneak peek


S03.E01 City of Blood
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S03.E02 Tunnels of Hell
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S03.E03 Real Mafia Underground
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S03.E04 Secret Sin City
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S03.E05 Hitler's Trenches
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S03.E06 Barbarians' Lair
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S03.E07 Land of Manson
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S03.E08 Gladiators: Blood Sport
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S03.E09 Secret Holy Land
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S03.E010 Under The Rock
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S03.E011 Tomb of the Lost Mummies
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S03.E012 Gods of War
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S03.E013 Alcatraz Down Under
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